Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Only Tuesday?

I know we aren't officially doing "Colorful Mondays" anymore, but it was pretty colorful in my kitchen last night. I was making lots and lots of pasta salad for the Salkahatchie volunteers who are based at our church this week. My instructions were "just make the recipe you usually do." Problem was I'd never made pasta salad. So I asked several people how they did it. I googled recipes. And then I made up my own version, using an idea from here and a suggestion from there.

I don't think it matters too much which vegetables you use. I did blanch the broccoli to make it brighter--just a quick dip (30-60 seconds) in boiling water and then a rinse in cold water.

And after a couple of hours in the kitchen, I had enough pasta salad for the multitudes.  I just kept making it over and over. Granddaddy was my taste tester. He said this is a winner. Here's what I did:  (I even made up a name for it.)

Summer Garden Pasta Salad

16-oz. box of rotini pasta, cooked and drained
14-oz. bottle Italian salad dressing (see the photo for the one we like)
3-4 tablespoons McCormick's Salad Supreme seasoning
about 4-5 cups of fresh vegetables, cut up

Stir all ingredients together and chill for at least an hour. Can be made the day before.

I used a mix of broccoli, grape tomatoes halved, cucumbers, red and yellow bell peppers, fresh corn (cooked and cut off the cob), diced onion, celery and carrots.  I would have added chopped fresh parsley if I'd had any.

We got it delivered to church by 8:30 last night--enough pasta to feed lunch today to half the group. I was happy I didn't have breakfast duty. Bless those folks.

This afternoon after my ukulele gig was over (yes, I am a ukulele playing grandmother), I stopped by Baby Sister's house on my way home. Just checking in.

Looks like Mommy has it all under control. 

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  1. Veggie serving that a pastaterian would love. Isn't Baby's hair growing!


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