Monday, June 20, 2011

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Here is "the dress." Finished on Saturday afternoon for Sunday morning's christening. If there had been more time I would have added hand feather stitching, but maybe it's nicer that I stopped when I did. Sometimes less is more. I was happy that Jessica was home to make photographs.

Today will be a very slow day around here. Or at least a "no stress" day. Last week was a rush to make a gown that Mommy wants to save forever. No pressure there. I had not done this kind of sewing in 20 years. But a couple of phone calls to my friend Doris  and four phone calls to Gail at the Bernina dealer and I was on my way.  


The best help was remembering that many years ago I had purchased Martha Pullen's book on French sewing by machine. The book, untouched for years, was high on a shelf and covered with dust but on the inside was treasure! There were drawings and instructions for everything I needed to know. As I began to work, my hands began to fall into old rhythms, remembering how this was done. I made dresses using these techniques for my own daughters when they were little.

Remember the beautiful old cap in yesterday's post? Last night a cousin read the blog and then emailed me a photo of her mother (my aunt) wearing that same cap. Her mother, born in 1914, was about two years old in the photo. My cousin had never seen the cap (don't think she knew it still existed) but recognized it from the photo. How very special for both of us.
And yesterday, after the beautiful christening, we enjoyed wonderful family time as all the grandparents and aunts went to lunch with Baby Sister and her family to celebrate baby's day and Father's Day. Then afternoon storms blew through bringing much needed rain.

As the rain slowed and the wind died down, Granddaddy called for me to hurry. He wanted me to see the rainbow. Peaceful sky after the storm. Peaceful time after a busy weekend.


  1. I'm so happy to see that you took more pictures of that beautiful gown ... such a treasure (as is the little one who wore it.)

  2. This just may be my #1, all-time-favorite post ever. I'm so glad you took and posted more pictures and close-ups of the dress. You did such a great job. It is beautiful! The photo of your aunt wearing that fabulous cap is just wonderful and makes it even more special. And then the rainbow? Wow! So glad the day was so special for your family.

  3. What an heirloom you created. I am so impressed--the gown is gorgeous!


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