Saturday, June 25, 2011


Had an email chat this week with a Ravelry friend from upstate New York about the wonderful-ness of screened-in porches. I remember seeing an episode of House Hunters on HGTV once when a lady was looking at houses in South Carolina. She found a house she liked--except that it had a screened porch. She said if she bought that house, the first thing she would do was remove the screen. Hope someone explained to her WHY we screen in our porches. The outdoors belongs to the bugs--and they let us share it with them.

Granddaddy and I spent lots of time this weekend on porches. Last night at the lake. Tonight here at home. Totally different kinds of porches. Totally different kinds of wonderful.

At the lake...

 A place to watch the boats and the fishermen.

 A place to prop your feet up and knit or read a book.

A place to enjoy supper while it rains outside.

At home...

A place to listen to our favorite Saturday night radio show.

A place to enjoy Granddaddy's good grilled supper--which included vegetables 
from our garden.

A place to enjoy watching the rabbit family that lives in our back yard,
to watch the gliders in the evening sky, and a place to watch the hummingbirds.
It's my favorite spot in the house.

I had a 5'x5' excuse of a porch in my first apartment out of college and I thought it was fabulous. I didn't know what was yet to come. One of the perks of getting older turned out to be having better porches.

Random things I know:

Use dry hands and a dry paper towel on a dry ear of corn to easily remove the silk. Then rinse before cooking.

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  1. Those are absolutely fabulous porches! And the leaded spider web is exquisite! You've put a lot of love and attention and care into outdoor living. Wonderful post and thank you for sharing your homes with us!


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