Friday, June 17, 2011

Remembering To Breathe

My sewing project is nearly done. But I get more nervous about making mistakes as I get closer to the end. Funny thing is that the hard parts are finished. So this morning I walked outside, fed the hummingbirds and stopped to look at the daisies. Deep breaths.....  And I remind myself, it's only fabric.

Also got a break from the project last night when I went to babysit both sisters. Baby Sister absolutely would not acknowledge me for a week or so after I left my 'full time' grandmothering. We saw her several times during those two weeks and she completely ignored me. I really think she was mad at me. But last night, she was happy to see me. She even cried when I walked across the room and out of her line of vision. And promptly stopped when I walked back over to her. I feel better now.

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