Monday, August 29, 2011

Great George! Great Trip!

When I got to see Baby Sister this weekend, she literally leapt into my arms! Now that makes a grandmother feel terrific. Only problem was it was Granddaddy's arms she was leaping out of. Her hair had  grown about an inch in the two weeks I was gone.

I'm still enjoying going back through vacation photos. Here are more from our trip...the part of the trip where we reached Prince Edward Island, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

We stayed at The Great George, a small hotel but a beautiful one. It's actually a collection of buildings surrounding the main part of the hotel shown here.

The piano in the lobby had photos of their famous guests. We didn't see anyone famous while we were there, but we did find surprise guests in the lobby one evening. When we heard the strong Southern drawl, it was a sure thing that these folks were from home. A tour group from South Carolina were staying here for a couple of days during our visit. We had fun talking to everyone in the group and discussing a little Gamecock football!

Charlottetown is a lovely small town. Great restaurants everywhere. We went to the Confederation Center one evening to see Anne Of Green Gables--The Musical, an excellent production that has played for 40 years.

And I've never eaten so much seafood! But in this part of the country shrimp, crab and flounder are not on the menu. It's lobster, mussels, clams, fish & chips, etc.--all delicious. (McDonald's in Nova Scotia even has a McLobster sandwich on the menu.)

As beautiful as everything was, what actually brought us to Canada and Prince Edward Island was a ukulele group. I am the leader of the Yesterukes, an all-ukulele band here in South Carolina. And a few years ago, the leader of SMUG, a similar band on PEI found us online and we started emailing and exchanging ideas. So one day was devoted to ukuleles. These folks were nice as could be and we enjoyed our time with them.

And then the best part of the trip...  The SMUG leader invited us to his home for dinner. It's hard for me to imagine living where you run down to the corner store to buy lobsters, but on PEI, that's what you do.
It was THE best food of the trip. Thank you, David and Diane!

And as I posted this last photo, the phone rings with a "Mom, can you come keep Baby Sister while I go to the dentist?" It's good to be back and be needed.

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  1. Looks like such a beautiful place to visit and made even more special by your ukulele friends. Even though I'm not a seafood fan, I know I'd love to visit. Seeing all your great pictures will have to suffice for awhile.


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