Friday, August 26, 2011

Peggy's Cove And The South Shore

This was a different kind of vacation for me. Jessica and I flew to Nova Scotia and rented a car and rambled around on our own. I was worried about driving in an unfamiliar place. Jessica reminded me that If I can drive in Atlanta, I could drive anywhere. True.

She was the navigator, armed with a GPS and multiple maps. And with only a few wrong turns, we were fine. My only rule was that we were back "home" before dark. Jessica had done some research ahead of time to see what we needed to not miss. And we stayed the first few nights at Blue Forest B&B near Halifax and the host suggested things, too.

Jessica wanted to find local places to eat and on our first night, after a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant in Bedford, she spotted the Chicken Burger--the oldest drive-in in Canada--which had the Chicken Little ice cream bar in the back. And of course we had to stop. Little did we know that we would see more ice cream shops in Canada than we ever see at home.

Before we got to Peggy's Cove, we stopped at a memorial for the Swissair 111 crash of 1998. So many lives lost. I wonder how hard it was to respond to a disaster on this small winding road, miles from a town.

Peggy's Cove is definitely a "can't miss this" location. Truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Just a tiny village in a fairly remote location. 

I had to stop and chat with a lady selling handknit caps and scarves. I'm thinking if I lived there I would have enough to sell, too. It's so far from anything else, I think there would be ample knitting time.

The lighthouse at Peggy's Cove is the main attraction here. And worth the effort to get here.

We then wound all around the shore line passing through tiny towns like Chester, stopping for lunch in Mahone Bay and then ending in Lunenburg, a beautiful town, popular with painters. We, on the other hand, found more ice cream. And another monument to lives lost at sea. This time it was ships that had gone down at different times over the years.

The entire day was a feast for the eyes. Everything was in bright colors. We saw so many homes in every color of the rainbow. My favorite were the ones painted bright purple. A beautiful drive all day.


  1. What a beautiful place to visit. And a break from the heat of this summer must have been most welcomed.

  2. I never saw a purple house..... Weather looks like it was perfect. I think I should move to the Canada and knit.


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