Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Sandwich


If we only planted one thing in the garden, it would be tomatoes. The ones you buy in the store look pretty but don't come close to the taste of one you picked from the back yard. Even with the heat and drought, we've had tomatoes. (Lots of watering.)

Someone asked if I had good tomato recipes. I do have a couple I like but this is the best one of all. Just a plain tomato sandwich. This is the only time I like white bread but it just works here. 

Tomato Sandwich

white bread
fresh tomato, sliced
Duke's mayonnaise
salt & pepper

Spread mayonnaise on both slices of bread. Add slices of tomato and lettuce. Salt and pepper to taste. (My mother always peeled the tomatoes but I never take the extra time.)

Couldn't get any better. Except maybe if you added a little crisp bacon. And the first sandwich of the summer will taste better than all the others. If you live where there is no Duke's mayonnaise, I guess Hellman's or Kraft will have to do. Duke's mayonnaise was created by Mrs. Eugenia Duke in Greenville, SC in 1917 and they still use that original recipe. But don't use Miracle Whip. It's just not the right taste for this. 

And a day is always nicer when a little visitor stops by. She needed a little playtime with Granddaddy. And he needed a little playtime with her!

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  1. Your tomatoes look wonderful. Ours are still small and green. Doubtful they'll even ripen this year.


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