Monday, August 8, 2011


Baby Sister's christening gown portraits.

Taking a baby in for a portrait was quite an experience. Baby Sister was cooperative--as cooperative as a baby can be. There is only admiration for the photographers who are so patient and watchful, making sure that baby didn't hit the floor when she leaned way forward off the seat. No toppling over allowed!

When we saw the proofs, it was so hard to choose. They were all beautiful. Mommy likes the one on the bottom best. She likes the smile. I like the top one best, the one with the big eyes. (That's her Gerber Baby pose.) What do you think?


  1. Top one gets my vote, for the eyes and mouth, but I can see why Mom likes the other; the smile and the curls!

  2. They are both so beautiful. The top portrait is classic. In the bottom portrait her personality shines through. So beautiful!

  3. What do I think? Why aren't you getting them both?!


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