Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Words From West Of Here

I asked Mommy to catch everyone up on what's happened since they moved. I've missed having lots of pictures to share.

Mimi asked me to write a guest post to give everyone an update. We are getting settled in our new home.  Our new location is close enough to the South that it is not uncommon to hear "ma'am" or "sir" at the end of a sentence, but not close enough that the default order of tea arrives sweet. Mimi tells me that folks at home have asked what we've been up to, so here are a few glimpse since Mimi and Daddy-O's helped us move . . .

Baby Sister celebrated her second birthday. 

We visited a local grape festival, enjoyed fair food, and even tasted grape ice cream!

Big Sister started middle school

We found a new church home. Big Sister has joined the youth choir and youth group.

Daddy (not to be confused with Daddy-O) and I celebrated an anniversary. 
To celebrate, we went on our first family road trip as a foursome 
(without the help of grandparents).  

Baby Sister and I are staying busy with Kindermusic and MOPS 
while Big Sister is at school . 

I'm also enjoying cooking in my new kitchen. 
Chef Mimi or Jessica I am not, but it is fun trying! 
 Last, but not least, we've begun cheering on our favorite team. 
Baby Sister has no option other than to become a devoted fan. 

We wish everyone well at home and in blog land.  Until next time...

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  1. So glad you and the girls have settled into your new situation and seem to be enjoying it. Hope Daddy gets home more often to enjoy his family. We miss you
    Jane Dz


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