Saturday, January 5, 2013

Begin Again


After a couple of weeks at the farm, today was the day to help pack the car (almost everything fit) and wave goodbye to our midwest family.

But not before Baby Sister said "goodbye" to the blue tractor...

...and "goodbye" to the orange tractor.

Tonight there is no danger of tripping over toys during the night. There is Foyle's War on TV instead of Tec the Tractor. No little chatterbox talking nonstop. Back to normal, so to speak. But the house is awfully empty and quiet. As friends kept saying "how sad" today, one encouraging friend chimed in with, "Time to start planning the next visit!" I like her point of view better.

No, I did not intentionally leave out photos of the rest of the family. They were away much of the time. It was just me, Daddy-O and Baby Sister hanging out at the farm, playing with the camera.

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