Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fresh Food For Thought

I treated myself to a new kitchen appliance a few weeks before Christmas. It was an impulse purchase I haven't regreted. (Can't say that about some other ones.) One friend commented, "So. You've got a new toy. Right?" It's been as much fun as a toy! Might be one reason you've seen fewer recipes here lately. I've been experimenting with all sorts of fruit & vegetable combinations as I learn to use my "super blender." 

When I ordered my Vitamix, I didn't realize that there are several other brands out there that do similar things--like blending whole fruits and leafy vegetables (including seeds and stems.) Each brand has its own passionate fans, but I'm happy with the one I bought. I did no homework before buying which is not my usual style. But this time it's all good. We have tried all sorts of mixtures for breakfast most mornings. There can't be anything wrong with getting more fresh foods into our diet. It's been colorful, to say the least!

I did spend a morning last week at Whole Foods watching a Vitamix demonstration. Well worth my hour to watch how he used the blender and to taste all sorts of crazy combinations that I would have never tried if I had only read the recipe–like the collards sorbet. You can find his recipes here if you're inclined to try any of them. If you have a regular blender at home, I'm not sure what adjustments you'd have to make, but I think some of them could be adapted. (Maybe by cutting the fruits up in smaller pieces and removing seed and stems?)

The biggest surprise? Mr. Meat-&-Potatoes—better known around here as Daddy-O—has liked the smoothies. Even the green ones. He even surprised himself, drinking blends of kale or spinach for breakfast. Baby Sister begged for more when she was here over Christmas. Why didn't I try this sooner?

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