Friday, January 18, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

A whole week of rain. The kind where friends were starting to make Noah jokes. But the rain stopped about bedtime last night. This morning the sun is blindingly bright. I might be forced to find an outside activity today.

The first part of the week was so warm (and wet) that the trees in our yard were really confused. Cherry blossoms in January? This morning it's 34 degrees and sunny. I think we had spring and winter all in one week. Only missed snow by a few hours. The rain moved out last night just before the cold temps arrived.

Another nice surprise this week was getting thank you notes in the mail. It's nice that our granddaughters are learning the importance of gratitude. We commented that Baby Sister surely had good handwriting for a 2-year-old on the snowman note. Her mommy said she dictated it. Although I'm pretty sure she didn't actually dictate the letter, Baby Sister IS talking a lot now. She was sick for a couple of days this week with a stomach virus. When we saw her the next day on Facetime, she couldn't wait to tell us she had been sick—"I spilled in the bed!" Toddler speak for "spitting up." A most accurate description of what happened. So glad she's better.

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  1. Never too early to learn the importance of a thank you note. I brought the camera in to work today hoping I'd get a chance to photograph the tulip tree that is already blooming here. Craziness.


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