Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend At The Farm

I'm taking advantage of a few minutes of quiet before everyone wakes up to let Mommy know things are still good here and yesterday was fun. 

The girls love digging in the garden.

Although Baby Sister found it much more fun to dig with her hands than a tool. I doubt she's ever had that much dirt on her at bathtime. Kind of glad Mommy didn't see her. Even Baby Sister seemed a little concerned about the color of her feet. She actually looked relieved when it all washed off.

I know now that the person who invented open floor plans didn't have a toddler around. We spent a lot of "where is she?" moments until we moved the whole operation to the porch. Even meal times. What a perfect giant playroom. No way to escape.

From the porch, Baby Sister could see the hummingbirds. She loves them. And we all like to watch the rabbit family that lives in the huge hedge beside the fence.  Big Sister went on a couple of covert missions in the pasture to try and see under the hedge from the back side. Come to think of it, we didn't see the rabbits last night. Maybe they are waiting until things calm down to come out again. Poor rabbits.

The girls had a whole farm to explore this weekend.  After all the running, digging, and chasing yesterday, bedtime last night was extremely easy. 

Now let's see how easy it is to get dressed for church this morning.  


  1. You are having a busy weekend!

  2. Look at how long and curly LK's hair is getting. Porch looks like the perfect place to knit. Ah, if only you had time. Or leftover energy. : )


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