Friday, May 18, 2012

We're Okay

Dear Mommy,

We are fine. Just wanted you to know everything is under control here. Baby Sister had a bath last night and washed her hair. Daddy-O did a good job of combing it. We even brushed her six teeth. She might have seven by the time you get home.

I will admit the television has been on, 
but Baby Sister is not very interested, so we are not worried.

Her favorite thing to wear last night after her bath was a bathrobe that used to belong to Big Sister. I think it's a size 4 or 5. And Big Sister rambled around and found some size 6 pajama pants. They used to come to her ankles. Now they are to her knees.

Reminds me of a line from an old Andy Griffith show when the guest apologized to Opie for taking his bed and making Opie sleep on an ironing board between two chairs. And Opie says, "Oh no, mister. That's what I call adventure sleeping!"

Coming to Mimi's seems to be more fun when we don't have all of the regular clothes and have to find something left here from years ago. (Yes, Mommy, Big Sister did have her own PJs but wanted to sleep in the old ones.)

Baby Sister reminded me of an Ewok. A pink fuzzy Ewok.

Except for the hour at Kindermusik, all I've heard all day is "Where's Sissy?" 
About 400 times.

And when Big Sister got home from school and found Baby Sister napping, all I heard was "How long 'til she wakes up?" So glad they enjoy each other. Most of the time.

And I'm thinking how different it is to be the grandmother---no worries about scratching the table. We just might sneak in "fun" food for the school lunch. (Don't worry, Mommy--no banana popsicle or ice cream for Baby Sister. But it's getting harder and harder to control Daddy-O's urge to give her a treat.)

So don't worry about us. We're having fun. You and Daddy have a good time, too. See you soon.

Love, Mimi


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