Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yarn-y Goodness

Pattern: Stripe Study Shawl
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Needles: Size 6

Even when I'm busy, I try to find time to knit. It might be just one row some days, sometimes before the sun comes up. I finished this shawl for Jessica yesterday. It's so far beyond what I intended to do a few years ago. I wanted to learn to knit something more than going in a straight line. I could make straight scarves. But I just wanted to learn one more thing. I thought, maybe a hat. I muddled through a couple of simple hats.

Then I stumbled across Ravelry-- an online knitting/fiber community with over 2 million members.  And so many possibilities unfolded. I had never wanted to knit socks or lace shawls because I didn't know people could do that. But now I knew. And I've done it! Ravelry is not only a world of beautiful projects and patterns and yarns, but it is also a very active community of wonderful people from around the globe, willing to help solve a problem, explain the confusing, decipher a pattern and cheer you on. With all of this help, I've learned so much. More than I thought I could do or even wanted to do.

Slowly I began to realize these other Ravelers who answer questions are real people. Some have become friends. I've even met a couple of them. Most have become email friends, but good friends nevertheless. 

In the last few days I received goodie packages from two fellow knitters from different parts of the country. Envelopes just stuffed full of all kinds of things to delight me...a new yarn to try...a package of beads to challenge me...a box of cute bandaids for Baby Sister. (This knitter knew about the skinned little knees last week.) There was even a project bag to encourage Big Sister's budding knitting career. A Bible verse about music was tucked into one box and that meant much to me as a musician. It was like getting hugs in the mail.

As Mommy and family get ready to make a huge move across the country, I've told her, "When you get there, look for knitters. They will help you learn the community and make you welcome." I'm not 100% sure that all knitters are like the ones I've come to know, but it surely would be a good starting place. Knitters are nice people.

Thank you, Mary and Sonja and Diane and Robin and Amy and Sandra and all the others who have dared me to try new things. And then helped me do it. There is a place on my porch for you any time you are near. I'll serve you iced tea and cookies and we'll have a good long visit while we knit.


  1. And you are welcome at our home any time you find yourselves in northern Colorado!. I love ravelry as well. So many friendly, helpful and talented people.

  2. I have a weakness for fun bandaids and keep quite an assortment on hand. Why wear a PLAIN BandAid when you can have a FUN one? Stripe Study is great! I know Jessica will look elegant in it.


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