Friday, May 27, 2011


<<sigh...>> What is it this time? Purple stuff. What were you thinking???? that didn't taste too bad. I'm thinking it would also make good finger paint!

Mommy has been good to make homemade foods for Baby Sister. I must admit that these fruit and vegetable purees taste pretty yummy. Ever tasted the jarred kind? Unless you live under a rock, children will get to the "wrapped in plastic/out of a box" kind of food soon enough. It might not be at your house, but they will encounter it somewhere along the way. So it's nice to do this while you have complete control of what they consume.

I cooked fresh corn one night when Big Sister was younger. I asked her how she liked it. She told me as only a young child can -- "Well, I like SCHOOL corn better."  (School corn = canned corn with lots of butter and salt.)  The lunch ladies loved her.

Today's new food was blueberries. And after reading a little on Weelicious, I mixed some of it with mashed banana. That was some seriously good breakfast!

Hmmm....wonder how it would be spread on my toast?

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