Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out And About

I don't take Baby Sister out too much. Partly because it's been a pain to lug her and that heavy car seat in and out of the car and stores. She's getting heavier and the seat is pretty heavy anyway. So yesterday we went on an adventure (aka grocery store) and left the seat in the car. Why haven't I done this before??? Baby Sister wondered the same thing. "You think I'm a baby! Well, not so much anymore." She loved seeing everything, looking first this way...

...and then that way. Her little head swiveled back and forth as she marveled at all the colors. And of course fellow shoppers stopped to chat with Baby Sister along the way. She smiled and babbled back at them, just like a good sociable Southern lady should.

Because you can buy nearly anything at a "grocery" store now, we were able to find the perfect birthday card to send to Baby Sister's great-great-aunt who is 92 today.

And she watched carefully at the end of our trip as we paid at the check out counter. Might as well learn how things work right from the start. 


  1. I love that little shopping cart cozy! Wherever did you find that? It keeps her safe, comfy and relatively germ free :) So much to look at! The outing was well worth the effort.

  2. So much to see and learn. Guess you missed the candy aisle. : )


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