Saturday, May 21, 2011

Count Down

 I have realized that my days as full-time grandmother are winding down. School is out in less than two weeks and school teacher Mommy will be at home to take care of Baby Sister. The past nine months have been quite an adventure as I relived all of the "new baby" things I did years ago. I've had the front row seat to watch Baby Sister grow and to watch her learn. I know what every whimper means. I know how she likes her bottle. I know which blanket is her favorite.

What will I miss the most? ...Getting her up every morning. Baby Sister wakes up every morning with the biggest smile, just like in these photos. She wakes up and looks at me like she is thrilled that I am there. How could I not miss that?

Just after I snapped the two photos above, the screen on my camera flashed to white and read "battery exhausted." If there were a screen on my forehead, it might also have said "battery exhausted" a time or two in the last few weeks. But I've found a burst of energy this week. It will be hard to not see this smiling face every morning. So I'm totally enjoying these last days.

I was the same age when Baby Sister was born that my own grandmother was when I was born. She was really, really old I thought. I've tried to dig back and think what were the earliest memories I have of her. No memories go back to my baby days. So it's doubtful that Baby Sister will remember all of the time that we have spent together this year.

But I will remember. I have been blessed to have this time with her. I have loved every minute of it. But now it is Mommy's turn to see these morning smiles. She's going to love it!

Oh, and if you are keeping up....Baby Sister was 9 months old last week and had her well check-up this week. She now weighs 16 lb. 6 oz.  Big girl!

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  1. These pictures will become more precious to you in the days ahead. We have pictures and video clips of the grandchildren on our screen saver and with them come the memories of that day. Even if she doesn't remember the days as you do, you two have a bond; a relationship. It will hurt, but you will strangely have joy in the midst that hurt for what you've shared. And love. Always love.


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