Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Full Weekend

When are the two times you usually see extended family members? Funerals and weddings. Thankfully this weekend's gathering of cousins from far and wide was for a joyous occasion--a beautiful wedding.

Baby Sister thought she knew her family but on Saturday she met more relatives than she knew existed. Cousins, cousins and more cousins. Some who hadn't seen each other in years. "Oh! You were just a child when I saw you last!" "And, you live where now?" "This is your daughter?" To be perfectly honest, some of the adults secretly were wishing for name tags.

Everyone was excited to meet the newest family member. (Oh, wait....she's the certainly youngest but I guess the groom is technically the newest.) Baby Sister used her good party manners and was quiet during the ceremony and then smiled at people who later came to ooh and ahh over her. Baby Sister even enjoyed her first line dance.

By morning we had changed gears and changed clothes, ready to spend another day together--Mother's Day. It was Mommy's first Mother's Day. How special! And I was delighted to have everyone treat me to lunch after church. Time together was the best possible gift I could have. Blessings all around.

It was all fun. We enjoyed every minute of it. But I think tomorrow Baby Sister is going to be very tired. I think her Mimi might be, too.


  1. I love family weddings where children of all ages are welcome and you can kick off your shoes on the dance floor! Your granddaughter is beautiful.

  2. Love, LOVE this little white dress. Glad you had such a happy occasion.


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