Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's Simple

Sometimes the best thing--the most important thing-- a grandmother can do is to spend an evening with granddaddy. Last night we had a simple dinner on the porch. He grilled steaks. I made a salad. The gardenias were blooming. The temperature was pleasant. Prairie Home Companion was turned low on the radio. As we finished dinner, it started to rain. Such a soothing sound. 

Sometimes with a baby (a beautiful baby whom we adore) to care for, I get tired. And when I get tired, I get cranky. So for this evening, we rested. And chatted. And dined simply. And enjoyed each others company. 

The other part of our very simple dinner was sauteed mushrooms. I'll share the recipe with you exactly as it as given to me. For years a friend and I used to park beside each other each afternoon waiting for the school bell to ring and our daughters to come running to our cars. We talked about everything under the sun, including the daily "what's for dinner" conversation. She often would mention mushrooms.

When I asked for her recipe, she replied, "Oh, you don't need one." And then explained what she did. And added that her 6th grade daughter would make this by herself for an after school snack. So I figured if a sixth grader could do this, I could, too. Now, this is not the kind of recipe that Mommy likes. She'd rather have measurements. But it will be okay. Trust me.

Sauteed Mushrooms
Worcestershire sauce
fresh lemon juice
garlic powder
sliced mushrooms

In a large skillet over medium heat, melt butter and mix in Worcestershire sauce and a good squeeze of lemon juice. As butter melts, mix all together and add sliced white mushrooms. (Or baby portabellos, etc.) Sprinkle with garlic powder. Cook over medium to medium-low heat, stirring occasionally, until mushrooms are done, about 12-15 minutes. (I think.)

If it looks like you don't have quite enough of the butter mixture, add a little more. As the mushrooms cook, they will release a lot of juice. Stir to coat mushroom with the sauce. Then most of the liquid will cook out and the mushrooms will begin to brown. The plump mushroom slices will cook down to a smaller, thinner slice.

If you really need a starting place, I did try to pay attention last night---the butter and Worcestershire sauce amounts are roughly equal. And probably about the same about of lemon juice. But I really really never measure and it's always good.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing evening together... with many more on the horizon.

  2. Glad you two had a quiet, relaxing evening to reconnect. But where were the Powdermilk biscuits? : ). Oh, and I get seriously cranky when tired and hungry.


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