Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Growing Up

I am very proud of Big Sister. I was bowled over by her act of generosity. She did something nice for someone she doesn't know. Something she didn't have to do. Something she chose to do all on her own. Today she cut her long beautiful hair to donate to Locks of Love. That's a pretty cool thing for a 10-year-old to do. Did I say I'm proud? The only bad thing is her sassy new haircut makes her look too grown up!

While the girls--big and little--were busy showing Aunt Jessica the new haircut via iChat, I fixed a quick dinner. Sometimes you don't need a recipe for supper. You just need an idea. I've told my girls many times, "The cooking is the easy part. Thinking of WHAT to cook is usually harder."

Here's a favorite in this house. Just saute sliced onions and sliced peppers and when they are about half done, add sliced turkey kielbasa into the pan. Let everything brown nicely. We like it served with boiled red potatoes. Or baked potatoes. Would have popped some rolls in to bake but Big Sister beat me to the oven. She mixed up a batch of Chocolate Muffins. (This recipe with chocolate cake mix, minus the topping.)

Maybe it's not the haircut making her look grown up. She is growing up. As long as she bakes for me, I think I can stand it.


  1. Applause for the older sister. The lovely haircut may make her look more mature, but it may be cooler (in more ways than one!).

  2. Love the haircut! Perfect for summer!!!! And as a breast cancer survivor I am in awe of her generous spirit. I love your recipes and you are so right its easy to prepare the food but challenging to come up with new ideas. You make that easier for me:) Thank you!!!

  3. What a dear heart she has.


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